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Neptune Boat Rentals in Englewood, FL
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Hello! My name is Doug Reichard. I own and operate Neptune Boat Rentals and Stump Pass Marina. If you have not been to Stump Pass Marina in a while, stop by! I am one of the new owners and we really take pride in cleaning up this beautiful place, and making it one of the nicest marinas in Englewood. I have been in the marine industry for 10 years, and have worked here at the marina for a majority of that time for different boat dealerships that rented the facility. I am a certified outboard technician for many different motor manufacturers. We have a full service marina here, with the best certified marine technicians in this area. We take the safety and proper operation of our rental fleet very seriously. We have daily inspections on our boats to insure everything is working properly, and that the vessel is seaworthy.
I really enjoy the boat rental business. It is fun seeing happy people on vacation or out spending time with their families and friends on a boat. You really can't experience the true beauty of this area until you are out on a boat. Taking a boat out for the day with your family and friends is an experience everyone will never forget. Nothing brings a family together like a day out on the water in Englewood. Whether your fishing, going to a private beach, or just enjoying the sights and sounds of the beautiful water, the memories made here will never be forgotten.
A big part of the company is Steven Viveiros, Jim Coblentz, Deanna Odom, and Dave LeBlanc. Steven is the manager here at Neptune Boat Rentals, and is here to help you with any accommodations, or anything you may need while you are here renting a boat. Steve and I have worked together in the past here at the marina for many years and both of us really enjoyed our boat rental department. We succeeded in the rental business because of our attitudes toward customer service. Jim Coblentz, Deanna Odom, and David LeBlanc are also here to assist and accommodate you as well. We have local fishing knowledge, and we all know our way around the local waterways. Check out the new www.StumpPassMarina.Net for more information about the facility at Stump Pass Marina, and meet the staff. We have fishing tackle, live and frozen bait, a gift shop, beer and ice, fuel and many other amenities for our customers at Stump Pass Marina. Local captains are also available for hire if you want to see the area, but don't want to operate the boat.
The two most important things we strive for is customer service, and safety. We will take as much time as you need to teach you how to operate the particular boat you are renting, and what to do in certain emergency situations. We have beginner (small horsepower) boats, to larger higher horsepower vessels available for rent. If you have any questions, or need any further information, please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help. Give us a call today, or just stop in and say hi!
When you get here, just come down to the big yellow "lighthouse" building down by the water. That is where our store is, and where you will find Steven, Jim, Deanna, or Dave. Thank you for viewing our site, we look forward to helping you enjoy the beautiful inshore waterways of Englewood!
Douglas K. Reichard
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